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Play racing games

Flying, shooting, strategy and puzzle. FlashGi offers many interesting and fun, useful and variative, dynamic, but most importantly - free online flash-games. Many of this flash games designed for those users who like to play racing games. We have a different variations on a theme: with a first-or third-person, two-dimensional or three-dimensional emulation, drag racing and others, and others. Play racing games can both old and young, because virtually everyone is interested if not a racing game theme, then, at least have, competitive spirit. Our database includes even those racing games that are outside the scope of competition, such as parking simulators, trial races or trucking. Long routine at work or school, while away time waiting for something or just a lack of things ... boredom. Where better to play the race!
Locations for such flash-games on our site are different: space, fantasy, classic or even a famous game characters or cartoons. An extensive collection of games includes the models of real vehicles (from low-cost or free to the most expensive and high-end, which will open for the earned material resources) and imaginary (fantasy-karts and dragons, online Tron motorcycles, etc.). Play racing games – it’s a real thing, because only in this kind of games, you will be able to set a record that can not afford to break any of your friends, or even players from all over the world! Download flash-game from our website is not difficult, but much more interesting to play online racing - and only this opens a lot of trails to test your ability to compete and the need for speed.